Ecuadorian Amazon - Deep Jungle Lodges

Amazon Deep JungleDeep Jungle Lodges

For those who want to experience all that the pristine Amazon region of Ecuador offers, these lodges are located deep within the Amazon, most in or just outside of the Cuyabeno reserve or the Yasuni National Park, regions considered to be among the most biodiverse in the world. Amazing varieties of flora and fauna can be observed at these lodges, along with the chance to experience the peace and tranquility of truly being away from it all. Lodges listed below range from the simple and basic to nearly luxurious, and prices vary widely, but all provide a great tour and an unforgettable experience in the Amazon. Several are community owned and operated, giving local communities an incentive to preserve their remarkable home.

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Sani Lodge Yasuni

Sani Lodge - Yasuni National Park

Sani Lodge is truly a one of a kind Ecuador ecolodge dedicated to ecotourism, environmental conservation, and community projects, located on a lagoon in pristine forest on the edge of the spectacular Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon. A remote camping option is offered for more adventurous visitors. A highly recommended, comfortable midrange lodge in a stunning location.

Napo Wildlife Center

Napo Wildlife Center - Yasuni National Park

Located on the south bank of the Napo river, this community owned and operated lodge offers the chance to see parrot clay licks, giant otters, eleven primate species, and 568 identified species of birds making it perhaps the finest destination for wildlife observation in Ecuador's Amazon region. Perhaps the most comfortable and luxurious lodge in the Ecuadorian amazon, this is a highly recommended option for your Amazon visit.

Dracaena Nicky Amazon Lodge

Nicky Dracaena Amazon Lodge - Cuyabeno Reserve

The Nicky Amazon Lodge is our most economical option for an Amazon visit, offering very simple and basic accommodations but an excellent tour in a beautiful remote location on a small lagoon. The lodge offers basic, open cabins with traditional thatched roofs; rooms have private bath and mosquito nets.

Magic River Tours

Magic River Tours - Cuyabeno Reserve

Magic River is a smaller budget priced Amazon operator offering specialized tours in the Cuyabeno reserve which avoid the use of motorized canoes and generally include at least one night camping in the rainforest. These tours are ideal for those who wish to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, without motor noise.

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